My art is my voice. My voice shows up in my current card line, a saboteur doll called Mister Pissy, perspective shifting coins, conversation cubes and my newest… abstract art. Its available to purchase by clicking this Artist button. I offer both retail (priced accordingly) and wholesale. If you’re interested in wholesale… say the word and I’ll send you info. It’s that easy!


While in my past I spoke primarily on corporate topics such as Conflict Resolution and Effective Communication, today I offer topics that celebrate our perfectly imperfect ways, the roles we play and how connection is the prize we all strive for. Whether you’re a corporation, a group or an individual … if you or your group feel stuck, unable to move forward or just need a bit of inspiration along the way and reminding you of your worth… let’s talk! I can help!


As a visual life & business coach, I offer creative perspective shifting solutions to stuck individuals and groups. I’m an artist who coaches so all of my clients benefit from an added visual piece as we, together, dip into self awareness and decipher their current perspective, their passions, the goals they want to achieve and how to get there.


Right now there is one book but eventually there will be more. I am both author and illustrator of 12 Tiny Well-Being Tips for Caregivers… a workbook offering hands-on exercises as well as coloring pages for any caregiver. This book was written to remind caregivers to take care of themselves so they can better care for those they love.