Choosing LOVE!

Here we are in the midst of a pandemic! I don’t know about you but this experience has taken me completely off guard and one thing that has been really noticeable lately has been the number of stories that are circulating out there? What do I mean by “out there”? I mean the atmosphere that holds all of our thoughts. The collective consciousness that is full of possibilities and allows us to grab any notion, at any time and run with it.

Lately, it seems as if the thoughts that are becoming most available and getting the most attention are those that seem to come from a place of fear. It’s as if our emotions are easy targets for any worst case scenario and that seems to leave us bewildered, trying to determine what to believe, what our future looks like and even who we are. This brings me to…

I watched a YouTube video the other day. A psychiatrist who specializes in near death experiences gave an overview regarding what these near death experiences have in common. He said that they all seem to experience these same things:

1 – they all mentioned and experienced traveling down a tunnel or tube towards a light. 

2 – they all stood before a panoramic view of their life… one that they could see their entire life in front of them… every choice… every word spoken, etc… 

3 – they all experienced each life event again but not from their normal earthly perspective. They experienced each event from the other person’s perspective. If they hurt the other person’s feelings.. they felt what that felt like to be that other person. If they made them feel loved… they could feel that. 

4 – they felt no judgement but instead – a huge awareness emerged, about how they affected others and how that influenced the bigger picture. 

5 – they all felt the importance of connection

It has me thinking. I created this little poster in 2011 and hung it on my refrigerator as a reminder to ask myself… what’s driving each of my choices… love or fear?

I think I’m going to hang it back up!

Because if it’s true… that LOVE is what matters most. If my intentions and how they affect those around me are most important – I want to be more aware of the connection we share and the influence that I offer. I know that there are sad things happening around us and I know that we have important decisions to make ahead of us… but let’s not choose from a place of fear or anger or frustration or depression. Let’s collectively respond to all of the stories – the doubts, the worries and the fears – with hope, compassion, empathy and LOVE. We are family. YOU are my monkeys. YOU are my circus. I am YOURS. We are connected and we do belong to one another, soooooooo…

Let’s do this!  For this journey – Let’s ride the rails. Let’s jump on the LOVE train!

We got this!! ♥️♥️♥️