Hi, I'm Robin!

Artist, Visual Life/Business Coach, Author & Speaker 

About Me

For me, the perfect day is noticing what IS working in the day rather than what IS NOT working.

Don’t get me wrong. I see all sides and get stuck on occasion because I’m human but I love to and usually do focus on the good stuff. It’s something that comes natural to me. We all have a super power and this is mine.

I’m a visionary, an artist, a visual life/business coach, an author and a speaker. 

I help individuals and companies see possibilities.
I help them get un-stuck and consider a different perspective.

Clients not only acquire insight and clarity but they also take away a visual component (because art lives at my core) that adds depth to their learning.

I help them change the fabric of their future and I’ve been doing what I do since 2008, the year that I attained my certification from Coaches Training Institute.